Luxury Space

We have the best solution to your luxury space: jewelry retail stores, mall jewelry kiosks, jewelry & watch showrooms, and luxury boutiques. No matter ready made jewelry showcases, or fully tailor-made displays, your dream luxury space starts here!

Jewelry Store

Whether your jewelry store is small or large, we are happy to work out the layout proposal with best suitable jewelry showcase options, and the service is exclusively for you and free of charge!

Jewelry Showroom

Excited to display your brand new jewelry collections, right? We have both solutions for you: fully-assembled high-end jewelry showcases ready to ship, and fully customized display showcases to meet your unique requirements.

Jewelry Kiosk

Feel it’s a good idea to start your jewelry kiosk business for your amazing jewelry and watches? At Ujoy Display, we have professional designers team to work out 3-D renderings and engineerings to setup your jewelry kiosk on time and on budget.

Luxury Boutiques

Aparts from jewelry and watches display, we also have the best suitable solution to your luxury boutique to display high-end handbags, fashion garments, custom art pieces, and antique collectibles etc.

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